Our fee structure falls into four categories:

  • Legal Aid in the areas of Criminal Defence and Garda√≠ station advice.
  • Fixed fee arrangements in all our private work where possible or a fixed retainer based on client affordability.
  • In cases where it is not possible to give a fixed fee structure, we generally agree a retainer with the client that is refunded to the client should the client be successful in obtaining a full costs order against the losing party.
  • After the event legal costs insurance. In certain types of work, it is possible to take out an insurance policy to pay for solicitors-client costs, to include the costs of Counsel.
  • We are very conscious that cost is a major factor for clients and we offer flexible and above all affordable rates.
  • We pride ourselves in giving the client certainty on their cost and adhere to Law Society of Ireland guidelines and mandates on fees.
  • The firms adheres to the provisions of Section 150 of the Legal Services Act 2015 which sets out the basis of all charges to client be then private individuals or corporates.
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