Peter Connolly Solicitors successfully defended another case in Dublin District Court 52 on the 17th June, 2011 before his Honour Judge Gerard Haughton. The case was D.P.P. -V- MH (We never name our client’s to protect their privacy).

The Judge granted a direction on our application as the Garda had not given sufficient evidence on a particular proof. This was a case involving drug driving and there is more wriggle room and extra proofs in that type of case than in a prosecution for drink driving.
To find out more about this case do not hesitate to contact Peter Connolly directly on this topic or any other issue regarding road traffic and criminal law defence.

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  1. name is krzysztof i have questione. I wona got early restoration driving licence for dring driving i was ban for 15 yers in 2008 yers.can you help me?

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