As a solicitor with over 12 years full on experience of court practice in the criminal courts, I am in a unique position to offer professional advice to persons accused of fraud at a pre-charge or the investigative stage. My role starts ideally at the investigative stage (the earlier the better in terms of mounting a defence) and then right on through to defending a suspect before the Courts. I have particular expertise (having previously worked as a state solicitor) on how a prosecution will be investigated and brought to Court. I know how to tactically make the right move in any case with a view to securing the best outcome for a client. That might entail advice at preventing a prosecution from getting off the ground, to limiting the charges an accused might face in Court, where there is a case to answer. Every case is different after all, and it is essential that a criminal law solicitor or court solicitors advice is sought at the earliest opportunity especially, in the earliest stages of any investigation and in advance of arrest or inquiry at a Garda station.

Fraud is not merely financial and it takes many forms. It’s end result is always financial however even in cases of say identity theft. Fraud can be very labour intensive to uncover and yet with proper risk management and checks and balances fraud is a very preventable crime.

My defence and prosecution experience in the area of fraud has meant that I am adept at usuing the civil law to recoup monies for the victims of fraud. In particular, where the fraud has been perpetrated by an employee, financial advisor, or person placed in a postion of trust by the victim of a fraud. Often the victim of a fraud will not wish to reveal to the world that they have been conned. It is essential where a fraud is uncovered, that the full rigours of the civil law are used recover the assets. Where full recovery is not possible the civil law can be effectively used to freeze and paralyse the suspect from further diminishing the assets. This frequently involves seeking injunctiverelief before the Courts and looking to preserve the evidence. Often in large and small cases of suspected business crime or fraud the GardaNational Fraud Bureau may not be in a position to immediately help the victim and I am in a position to advise firms and business people how to preserve the evidence of a fraud and if necessary use the law to recover the assets or trace them overseas.

I have a particular expertise in cases of insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, tax evasion, investment advisor or investment intermediary fraud, money laundering, cartels, insider dealing bribery and corruption and pyramid schemes

This blog is a promotional tool only and if you are either the suspect of the victim of a fraud please do not hesitate to contact peter connollysolicitor directly for expert legal advice. Generally I practice in the greater Dublin area but I am prepared to take instructions outside Dublin.

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