We have provided robust and proactive legal advice to people detained at Garda Station for nigh on 20 years. We offer this service 24/7.

For people facing a brush with the criminal law (which by the way includes all road traffic law offences) should always get legal advice before speaking to the Gardai. It is becoming increasingly common in my experience that the Gardai may try to encourage people to give a voluntary statement to get your side of a particular story. This is often not in your best interests but by so doing you do so in absence of the key facts or evidence of a complaint, and your right to the disclosure of such evidence prior to making any comment you could only be damaging your defence. A statement can be a good move in certain circumstances but only after legal advice has been taken.

Its costs nothing to speak to a lawyer and is often the best decision to make as it saves a lot of heartache later.

If you are a person who ends up being arrested and detained the Gardai will give you a list of solicitors provided you ask for a solicitor. You should pick your choice of solicitor rather than have them steer you to picking the lawyer they want to get for you!

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