Mick Wallace makes EUR 2.1m Revenue settlement

It’s a bit galling to see a politician make a pre-emptive public relations strike on such a serious matter. He should have consulted a solicitor as it appears he has just admitted to a criminal offence of fraud. A fraud is generally committed when a person knowingly or recklessly does an action with a view to making a gain. loss or benefit to himself or another.

Serious questions ought to asked as to why this liability to the taxpayer has been compromised in such a fashion.

All citizens are equal in the eyes of the law or are they ?

This writer is expressing his own personal opinion and exercising his right to freedom of expression. I have nothing against Mr. Wallace personally put it’s this type of situation has us where we are. The Revenue are prosecuting client’s of mine for far less who are just ordinary Joe Public’s down on their luck.


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