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Employers and employees alike are bound by employment laws which are designed to promote equality, fairness and competition in the workplace. The implementation and interpretation of these laws, however, can be complicated, especially in areas of dispute.

Peter Connolly, Court Solicitor, will help employers and employees understand and protect their employment rights. Our experienced Dublin employment law solicitor provides honest legal advice and dedicated court representation where necessary to help clients sort through these complex issues.

Representation for Employers

Our solicitor provides knowledgeable advice and representation for employers in all aspects of employment law, including:

  • Representation before all employment tribunals, including the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court
  • Defence against employment law injunctions
  • Defence against investigations for breach of regulatory law standards such as Health and Safety violations or issues of corporate criminal responsibility
  • Emergency advice on employee termination and representation in unfair dismissal disputes
  • Advice and representation regarding bullying and harassment claims
  • Advice on implementing fair internal grievance procedures
  • Drafting employment contracts, restrictive covenants, company handbooks, and Health and Safety statements

Our goal is to help companies manage their practices effectively and in full compliance with applicable employment regulations. Should disputes arise, however, we act quickly and assertively to address the problem in an efficient, cost-conscious manner.

Our rates are as competitive as any of the business consultants (non-lawyers) who act in the area.

The firm has good in-depth experience in dealing with case under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014.

Individual Employee Representation

We also assist individual employees involved in a variety of employment-related disputes, particularly those involving bullying and harassment claims. Bullying by your boss or harassment from co-workers are not only intolerable acts — they are illegal. Our solicitor will review the facts of your case and provide an informed assessment of the viability of pursuing a claim through aggressive negotiation or before the relevant Employment Appeals Tribunal, the Equality Tribunal and the Labour Court.

Furthermore, if you feel you were unfairly dismissed after reporting incidents of bullying, discrimination, harassment or fraudulent activity or other forms of whistleblowing, you may have an employment claim. We can help you determine the appropriate steps to remedy your situation.

We Are Available for Immediate Contact

Our solicitor handles a variety of employment claims and has the practical court experience to protect your rights at every stage in the legal process. Please contact our firm for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

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