Gardai Station Call-Out Service in Dublin

Are You Being Investigated? Are You a Suspect in a Crime or Road Traffic Accident?

If you are under threat of litigation or involved in a litigation dispute, you want an experienced court solicitor who acts quickly to protect your rights and interests.


Peter Connolly, Court Solicitor, provides emergency criminal litigation advice and representation throughout Dublin and Ireland, including attendance at all Gardaí stations where citizens are under arrest or have been detained for suspected criminal activity. Our services include pre-charge advice to those under threat of litigation for a variety of offences, including tax evasion, corporate negligence, alleged criminal offences and other charges.

Emergency Advice During the Investigation Stage

What occurs in the Gardaí station can frequently have significant bearing over whether a formal case will be pursued. Therefore, it is crucial that anyone detained by An Garda Síochána instructs specialist advice from an experienced criminal defence solicitor.

Our solicitor is available for immediate attendance at any Gardaí station within the Dublin metropolitan area. He will advise you during the entire investigation of your alleged offence with the goal of ensuring any and all evidence is or was obtained lawfully, and that any statements given do not contain self-incriminating evidence.

Should the case proceed, he will defend your rights before all applicable tribunals or Courts. While he frequently represents clients in court, he will instruct top barristers when appropriate to achieve the best results possible.

Seeking Judicial Review for Criminal Procedure or Litigation Violations

Where violations of your rights may have occurred in the investigation or prosecution of your case, we may seek authorisation to judicial review of the actions of the police, public authority or Courts involved in your case. Our Dublin solicitor for judicial review is highly experienced in human rights law and court procedure, and will seek justice for any wrongs or procedural missteps.

Before You Give a Statement to the An Garda Síochána, Contact Us

If you have a legal emergency, contact our firm as soon as possible. We provide immediate assistance to help you protect your rights and interests. Many of our clients are eligible for legal aid in this area of the law, and we also accept instructions through private consultations.

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