White Collar Crime Lawyer in Dublin

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Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Tax evasion, money laundering, insider dealing and other “white collar crimes” have come under increasing scrutiny by virtue of the passing of the Criminal Justice Act 2011, which is designed to allow the Gardaí to combat white collar crime, an area of the law which has been grossly neglected and under-resourced by state agencies in the wake of the banking and financial crisis. If you as a corporate director or your company is under investigation for suspected fraudulent activity, you should obtain experienced criminal defence advice as soon as possible. Early intervention by a solicitor who knows what he is doing could prevent prosecution.

The Dublin law firm of Peter Connolly, Court Solicitor, provides experienced advice and court representation of individuals and corporate businesses under investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau, the Director of Corporate Enforcement, the Health and Safety Authority, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, The Central Bank, the Financial Services Ombudsman, the Revenue Commissioners & Customs & Excise and other public authorities. We understand the significant impact a criminal investigation has on your bottom line, so we work diligently to protect your rights, interests and future.

Experienced Ireland Solicitor for Fraud Charges and Other White Collar Crimes

The recently enacted Criminal Justice Act 2011 gives state investigative and enforcement agencies more control over the regulation and criminal sanctioning of companies or individuals they find to be engaged in white collar crimes. Our Dublin solicitor provides informed advice for clients regarding their obligations under the new law, as well as in all areas of asset seizure, search warrants, forfeiture and confiscation law.

Should clients come under investigation for white collar crimes, Peter Connolly will represent them before all applicable Courts. His background as a former prosecutor for the Office of the Chief Prosecution Solicitor/Director of Public Prosecutions informs his experience and in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system. As your representative, he will take the necessary steps and instruct leading counsel to defend your interests against charges of:

  • Tax evasion
  • Money laundering
  • Insider dealing
  • Unfair competition/anti-trust violations
  • Financial fraud
  • Corruption
  • Consumer protection violations
  • Cyber crimes

Furthermore, our solicitor is able to act quickly in an emergency situation, up to and including attendance at Gardaí stations within the greater Dublin area and the rest of Ireland if given adequate notice. Whatever the circumstances, he provides informed and solution-driven advice and proactive representation at every stage in the process.

For immediate criminal defence advice in Dublin or Ireland, contact our firm as soon as possible. We strive to achieve the best possible results in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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