Peter Connolly solicitor had a very busy 2022/2023 hence our blogs have been on the quiet side .

On the criminal defence side, we acted as solicitors for a client in a 40 year old historic sex abuse case. These cases are extremely hard to defend as normally it’s just Complainant evidence without corroboration can be enough to convict the Accused. Our client was found not guilty on the merits in respect of 14 counts of attempted rape and sexual assault . He had to endure an extradition and a disagreed jury on his first trial and live through a retrial.

Great thanks owed to Philipp Rahn SC and Justin McQuade b.l our barristers and the team here Niall Walsh solicitor in particular.

We had another major victory in the Court of Appeal in a removal order case for Polish client in a case called IR -V- Minister for Justice it stressed the over arching importance of applying EU law rights to removal order cases. A removal order case is where a fellow EU citizen can be removed from the State on the grounds of national security and public policy such as serious criminal convictions. Michael Lynn SC and Carol Doherty B.L. acted for us in that one.

On the personal injury side we have not had any trials this year but some good settlements on cases involving psychological damage nervous shock with settlement figures of €100,000 and €75,000 respectively plus legal costs.

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