Peter Connolly Solicitors successfully defended a client charged with simply assault where the client had co-operated with the Gardaiwithout the benefit of legal advice by giving a signed cautioned statement.

After a detailed consultation pre-trial the client was advised to contest the case even though he had made certain admissions. The defendant had the support of his employer and the employer was in a position to corroborate certain minor events of fact which when taken with the direct evidence given by the Accused led the Judge to find that he had a reasonable doubt on the evidence of both the prosecution and defence. The defendant was found not guilty.

Had the Accused been convicted or pleaded guilty he would have lost his job. This is an example of the importance of taking legal advice on a criminal law matter even where you feel you have no defence. It should be stressed that every case is not so favourable but even so care and preparation are key in getting the best result for a client.

For any queries on any aspect of Irish Criminal law and advice on dealing with An Garda Siochana please contact Peter Connolly directly.


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