Peter Connolly solicitor successfully compromised a Judicical review in favour of his client Oluwaseyi Okerayi, who was the subject of a Primetime exposé broadcast by RTÉ on the TAXI industry in Ireland.


The programme which is going to be the subject of separate legal proccedings against RTÉ for defamation in early 2012 wrongly portrayed my client as being corrupt and involved in bribery with regard the National Car Testing system, when he was in fact a legitimate businessman at all times. Our client has been the victim of severe media misconduct.


The television programme led to the wrongful suspension of my client’s taxi licences by the National Trasport Authority causing untold damage to his business and reputation.


The National Transport Authority did not oppose that application for judicial review that their suspension of my client’s licences following the broadcast of the Primetime show should be set aside as being unlawful and the President of the High Court made an order for certiorari on consent on the 7th December 2011 with costs.


Okerayai -v- National Transport Authority High Court Record number 2011/818 JR


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