VHI complained to gardaí over alleged fraud by provider:

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This is an interesting article on an aspect of white collar crime. It’a always been there but never given any prominence. The amounts recovered by the VHI are significant indeeed. It demonstates that the area of private health care is rife for fraud.

Healthcare service providers are under pressure to generate income (given people with private healthcare cover are dwindling all the time ) and the tempation to overstate an invoice or submit bogus claim arises.

Medicare fraud has been actively prosecuted in the USA for the last 25 years and as ever Ireland is only catching up, whether the Gardai have the resources to investigate these alleged frauds is a matter of debate.

All heathcare service providers and private policy holders are likley to have their invoices or requestS for refunds actively exmained to see whether the claims/expenses have been properly claimed.

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