Woman’s death prompts abortion debate in Ireland – CNN.com:

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Abortion has always been an incredibly emotive issue for the Irish Public. The legal position has been left to our Courts to adjudicate upon in terms of the facts in the X case. Political inactivity in failing to pass proper legislation on abortion is really what has brought about the situation and has led to loss of life. Doctors have been placed in a difficult position. The international spotlight is welcome as it will mean that our legislators will finally have to do their job. As a lawyer, I am surprised that this woman’s death is not properly a matter for criminal investigation, as distinct from the Inquiry that is now being hastily convened. We do have good laws on Reckless Endangerment, Manslaughter and under or Safety Health at Work Act of 2005. The Inquiry is only a day old and 3 members of the team have already had to reccuse themselves as they work at the hospital in question. It boggles the mind that they were appointed in the first place. One of the most important rules of law that no person be a judge in their own case as already been broken. It remains to be seen if the evidence and findings from any inquiry will be turned over to a Prosecutor. The views expressed in this post are purely personal. PETER CONNOLLY SOLICITOR

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